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ESUG Ninth Summer School


Ninth ESUG Smalltalk Summer School
1st Smalltalk Doctoral Symposium
Tuesday, August 28th - Friday, August 31st, 2001

Camp Smalltalk
Saturday, August 25 - Monday, August 27, 2001

Essen, Germany

This year's event is over, but we keep these pages for reference. There is also a page where we put the pictures and presentations regarding this event: the Essen Aftermath page.


Welcome - Programme - Fees - Registration - Travelling - Accommodation


For the 9th consecutive year, the European Smalltalk User Group organizes a Smalltalk Conference to bring together Smalltalk users from both academia and industry in a friendly atmosphere. As always the attendants will enjoy tutorials, workshops and demonstrations on various Smalltalk related subjects. Continuing a strong tradition in organizing Smalltalk events for Smalltalk practitioners, this year promises to be very exiting. The Smalltalk Joint Event will be comprised of: Camp Smalltalk, Squeak World Tour, Advanced Seminars and Smalltalk Doctoral Symposium!

  • An official (and free) Camp Smalltalk (notice that is start before on Saturday so that Campers can be productive and stay during the week). For more information, see the programme below.
  • Another stop of the Stable Squeak World tour (after he first one made during ESUG-2000 in Southampton). See also
  • New this year, The Smalltalk Doctoral Symposium, where students doing Master and PhD Thesis have the opportunity to present and discuss their research work with industrial and academic Smalltalk experts.
  • Finally the Advanced Seminars: This year we split the talks into two types: invited talks which should interest everyone, and the technical presentations, which may not interest certain people.
All these exiting events will take place in the last week of August, at the University of Essen in Germany. As always, we cannot make this work without contributions from the actual Smalltalk practitioners. Therefore we invite people to submit proposals to present papers (both academic or industrial, technical or experience report), or to exhibit. Together with invited speakers and Campers this promises to be another exciting Smalltalk event.



The programme for the actual conference tracks can be found at the programme page. Note that this year there will be two parallel tracks, as we have gotten many quality submissions, including some very good tutorials that are included with the standard fee !

The conference itself is taking place in the following rooms (two for the conference tracks, one for the Campers or discussion probably):

  • R09 S02 B10 (Building Red, Entrance R09, Floor S02, Room B10)
  • S05 T00 B32 (Building Yellow, Hörsaalzentrum, Ground Floor, Room B32)
  • S05 T00 B42 (Building Yellow, Hörsaalzentrum, Ground Floor, Room B42)

Also note that there will be two social events: one on Wednesday night, and one on Thursday night. See the programme page for more details.

Camp Smalltalk

Co-organized with the actual conference is Camp Smalltalk. Two rooms are reserved for the campers during the initial days (August 25 through 27):

  • R09 S02 B10 (Building Red, Entrance R09, Floor S02, Room B10)
  • R09 S02 B18 (Building Red, Entrance R09, Floor S02, Room B18)
The other days one of the three rooms available to the conference (see there) will be available). If you want to participate, here is what you should do as a first step to make Camp Smalltalk a successful meeting:

Doctoral Symposium

There is also the 1st Doctoral Symposium. People interested in participating (as a student or to be member of the programme committee) should look at the Doctoral Symposium page.

During the conference, the doctoral symposium will be held as part of the second track. See the programme page for more information when that is.

Registration Fees

Registration without accommodation includes coffee breaks for 4 days and the proceedings.

Registration deadline : August 15th 2001 (On-site paying after this date).

  • Before July 13th:

    Students and academic without accommodation

    1600 FF

    245 euro

    Industrial companies without accommodation

    3600 FF

    550 euro

  • After July 13th: ESUG cannot guarantee any accommodation

    Students and academic without accommodation

    1900 FF

    290 euro

    Industrial companies without accommodation

    3900 FF

    595 euro

(1 EURO = 6.55957 FF; then rounded towards nearest multiple of 100 FF or 5 euro)
Registration with accommodation is no longer possible because the deadline has passed and the ETAP hotel is fully booked. Have a look at other accommodation options to find a hotel.


Registration can be done in two ways: if your browser is configured correctly, you can use the online registration form. Otherwise you can use the textual registration form.

Travel Directions and maps

By airplane

The next international airport is Düsseldorf (DUS). Arrivals are at terminals A and C. Take the free airport shuttle to the airport's train station.

For cheapest transportation, get on a "Regionalexpress", usually in the direction of Bielefeld, or an "S-Bahn", line S1, in the direction of Dortmund. There are ticket vending machines at the train station. Get a "VRR"-ticket for adults, price level C (single ticket DM 13.50, four rides DM 43.20). If you don't have german money or want tickets for other trains (IR, IC, ICE), buy the tickets at the ticket counter.

Leave the train at "Essen Hauptbahnhof" (central station).


By train

Take a train to "Essen Hauptbahnhof". From the south and west, you usually travel via Köln (Cologne).

See for excellent information about the German and International railways.


By car

Essen is traversed by the highways A40 (east-west) and A52 (from the south).

  • A40: Take the exit "Essen Zentrum", follow the signs to "Universität".
  • A52: Take the exit "Essen-Rüttenscheidt". Turn left into the B224 (Alfredstr./ Bismarckstr./ Friedrichstr./ Hansböcklerstr.).
    Follow the street in direction of the university ("Universität").

Local public transportation to University

Take one of the following:

  • Subway U11 to station "Universität Essen"
  • Subway U11, U17, U18 to station "Berliner Platz"
  • Tramway lines 101, 103, 105, or 109 to the station "Rheinischer Platz".


The rooms for the ESUG Smalltalk Joint Event are located near the University Library ("Bibliothek", building marked in red on the University Campus map). The exact room numbers are as follows:

  • Camp Smalltalk, August 25 thru 27
    • R09 S02 B10 (Building Red, Entrance R09, Floor S02, Room B10)
    • R09 S02 B18 (Building Red, Entrance R09, Floor S02, Room B18)
  • ESUG Summer School and Squeak World Tour, August 28 thru 31:
    • R09 S02 B10 (Building Red, Entrance R09, Floor S02, Room B10): Camp Smalltalk
    • S05 T00 B32 (Building Yellow, Hörsaalzentrum, Ground Floor, Room B32): Track 1
    • S05 T00 B42 (Building Yellow, Hörsaalzentrum, Ground Floor, Room B42): Track 2



We have arranged for rooms at the "ETAP Hotel" (see Registration Fees). However, we also provided information for some other hotels.

ETAP Hotel

The ETAP Hotel is fully booked, so no more reservations are possible. Please check out the other options below.

ETAP Hotel Am Lichtbogen 1 D-45141 Essen
Phone: +49 (201) 634 04 20
Fax: +49 (201) 6 34 04 25

Travel directions at: (in German, but with map), or here:

  • Train: If you come by train, take bus no. 166 directed to "Delwig". Leave the bus at "Gewerbepark M1".
  • A40: If you arrive by car on highway A40, take the exit "Essen Zentrum", then follow the signs to "Universität/Bottrop". With a little luck, you end up on the "Bottroper Strasse". After some time, you see signs to "Gewerbepark M1" ("Industrial Park M1"). Follow them, the hotel is right at the entrance of M1.
  • A52: If you arrive by car on highway A52 from the south, take the exit "Essen-Rüttenscheidt". Turn left into the B224 (Alfredstr./ Bismarckstr./ Friedrichstr./ Hansböcklerstr.). Follow the street in direction of the university ("Universität"). At the university, turn left in direction "Bottrop". After about 1 km, turn right at an iron bridge (you should see a company named "Henning").

Hotel ibis

The rooms at ibis cost 116 DM per person and night, incl. service and taxes. An additional 16 DM per person and night is charged for the optional breakfast buffet. You can make reservations directly at the hotel, using the code "ESUG", before July 25th, 2001. After that date, you may still get rooms at ibis, but prices may be different. Rooms can be booked as single or twin rooms. They are equipped with shower, WC, air condition, cable TV, and phone.

   Hollestr. 50, D-45127 Essen, Germany
   Phone: +49 (201) 2 42 80
   Fax: +49 (201) 2 42 86 00
   Email reservations:

Travel directions:

  • Train: If you come by train, leave the central station at the northern exit. Turn right, follow the street. The hotel ibis is located about 250 m from the central station.
  • A40: Leave the A40 highway at "Essen Zentrum". Turn north into the Bernestrasse, then right into the Hollestrasse.
  • A52: If you arrive by car on highway A52 from the south, take the exit "Essen-Rüttenscheidt". Turn left into the B224 (Alfredstr./ Bismarckstr./ Hindenburgstr.). Follow the street in direction of the university ("Universität") for ca. 3 km. Immediately after crossing under the railway, turn right (Hachestr.) Pass the central station. The hotel is located ca. 250 m after the central station.

Other options

  • City of Essen Tourist Office
         phone: +49 (201) 1 94 33.
  • Bed & Breakfast
    This agency offers rooms from private people at 52 to 72 DM per person. If you want to form a larger group with other conference attendants, they also rent appartments for groups. Be certain to make reservations early (minimum 4 to 6 weeks in advance)
         Phone: +49 (201) 8 55 48 03
  • Express by Holiday Inn
         Thea-Leymann-Str. 11,
         D-45127 Essen
         Phone: +49 (201) 10 26 0
         Fax: +49 (201) 10 26 100
    Rooms at DM 165 or more.
  • Ambassor-CITY Hotel
         Viehofer Str. 22
         D-45127 Essen
         Phone: +49 (201) 23 39 36
         Fax: +49 (201) 20 26 49
    Rooms at DM 105 or more.

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