CfP Smalltalk Devroom at FOSDEM 2015.

Call for Participation in the Smalltalk Devroom at FOSDEM 2015.

A devroom for the Pharo, Squeak, Amber, GST, Etoilé, Seaside, Moose Smalltalk projects & Objective Smalltalk and Newspeak as derived languages. Smalltalk environments offer a very high development productivity, unmatched by their successors. Come do some pair programming with us and experience yourself the advantages of a real OO environment"

The meetup will take place Sunday, February 1, 2015, room S.H.2214. This room has 100 seats, a VGA video projector and wireless internet. Presentations will be video recorded (CC BY).

Proposals on content and format are welcome.


All submissions are made in the Pentabarf event planning tool at

When submitting your talk in Pentabarf, make sure to select the 'Smalltalk devroom' as the 'Track'.

If you already have an account there, please reuse it.


Any questions, and video volunteers, please mail to


with [FOSDEM] in the subject. I will send out updates on a regular basis to the lists and anyone stating his interest.


Sessions of 30/60 minutes (-5 min setup), last session a two hour hands-on introduction to smalltalk. First session or lunch session can be show-us-your-project, lightning talks.

The desired time slot is meant to help you prevent conflicts with other dev rooms in which you might have a talk or your travel arrangements.

There are alternative, non smalltalk-specific tracks available: lightning talk and the main track

Please submit before December 1, 23:00 GMT+1.  

Devroom related URLs:

FOSDEM is the Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting, a free and non-commercial two-day weekend event that offers open source contributors a place to meet, share ideas and collaborate.

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Photos ESUG2014

Here is a small ESUG 2014 retrospective.

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Vancouver Island Camp Smalltalk - Oct 3rd-6th, 2014

Camp Smalltalk; Smalltalk programmers getting together to share. Bugs will be fixed, neat tricks demonstrated and plans developed. Join us!

Smalltalk programmers love to share their enthusiasm, skills, problems and solutions with each other. Every now and then a bunch get together at a Camp Smalltalk in order to indulge in a near frenzy of sharing.

This is the first such event on Vancouver Island and we hope to welcome you to Makerspace Nanaimo where we will have space, desks, chairs, bandwidth and power - all that we really need aside from you. It won't even cost you anything to attend - though we will be asking for donations that will be split between MakerSpace as thanks for the facilities and ESUG to help fund other Camps

This particular Camp has grown like Topsy from a simple attempt to get the small number of Smalltalkers on the island together for a weekend of social programming into a gathering of nearly two dozen experts from all across Canada and the US west coast. If you're a newcomer to Smalltalk this might be a good chance to meet some experienced people that can help you.

If you are a Ruby user, or a web coder looking for something different and better, or simply curious about programming languages, consider joining us to learn how Smalltalk can help you. Seaside has become an important web tool and is written in Smalltalk by some of our confirmed attendees. The MIT Scratch language that is popular as a beginners system is also written in Smalltalk and the developer of the Raspberry Pi specific variant will be around.

If you're interested in joining us:

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Smalltalks 2014

1. Invitation.

The Fundación Argentina de Smalltalk (FAST) invites you to the 8th International Conference on Smalltalk Technologies (Smalltalks), to be held from November 5th through November 7th at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional Córdoba, located in the city of Córdoba, Argentina. Everyone, including teachers, students, researchers, developers and entrepreneurs, are welcome as speakers or attendees.

This year, we are extremely happy to announce Allen and Rebecca Wirfs-Brock will attend the conference. Allen was instrumental in developing Digitalk's Visual Smalltalk, as well as a leader in modular Smalltalk design. Rebecca created the field of Responsibility Driven Design, which spawned a variety of modern disciplines such as TDD and BDD. Their presence is just a preview of an oustanding presentation program you cannot afford to miss.

2. Registration.

Registration is free and now open at

Please make sure to register early to receive the conference's shirt, as well as to help us plan the conference's social events.

We are accepting donations from participants to help fund the conference's costs. Please see the Donate section at FAST's website,

Contributions are greatly appreciated, and can be received both in pesos for local attendees, as well as via Paypal for those coming from abroad. Please note that donors, including those that have already sent us their contribution (thank you!), will receive a set of thank you gifts as well as the conference's shirt. For those of you that need a receipt, we can provide those on site.

3. Sponsors.

In addition our generous attendee donation contributors, we would like to thank our sponsors. We would not be able to organize the conference without their help.

Platinum sponsors:

  • Caesar Systems
  • ESUG
  • GemTalk Systems
  • Instantiations

Silver sponsors:

  • InfOil

Bronze sponsors:

  • 10 Pines
  • Arduino Software
  • Mercap
  • Precision System Design
  • Smallworks

Moreover, this year our official airline carrier is Aerolineas Argentinas. To book plane tickets with Aerolineas Argentinas, please go to

and select Smalltalks 2014 from the list of events (available soon).

4. Call for participation.

Talk proposal submission for the Industry Track is now open at our website:

If you need special arrangements (e.g. because you would like to hold a workshop session), please indicate so in the abstract. The Industry Track's submission deadline is October 13th.

Abstract submitters: please send us a photo and a short bio by answering to this email.

5. Related events.

For more information about related events, such as a Pharo Sprint or talks and presentations around the dates of the conference, please visit

In particular, we like to invite to you Squeakfest 2014, to be held at the same conference site on from November 3rd through November 4th. This companion event highlights Squeak and Etoys used in the context of education. To register, please go to the SqueakFest page under the related events for Smalltalks 2014.

We will update related event information as we get closer to the conference, so please check for updates.

For any additional questions please reply to this email.

See you in Córdoba!

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Video and Slides ESUG 2014

All collected videos and slides of ESUG 2014 are now online:

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