Spring CampSmalltalk at Nanaimo, Columbia, Canada

Last Camp in Nanaimo was amazingly successful and everyone had much fun. If you’re in the general pacific north-west region do consider coming along.

  • When: Saturday & Sunday April 25-26th
  • Location: Makerspace Nanaimo, 2221 McGarrigle Rd, Nanaimo

their website:


Non! We have the Space all weekend long and do not need to leave the place this time!

If you are interested in

  • any kind of ScratchOnPI projects
  • combining your Smalltalk project with any other peripheral device
  • would like to try a different Smalltalk out
  • just want to chat and meet old and new friends

....then this should be the perfect weekend to do this and come over to Makerspace in Nanaimo.

Please contact us directly if you have questions regarding travel or accomodationa. We got some valuable feedback from last CampSmalltalk's participants.

Please let us also know if you’re interested. Tim and Sebastian

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Moose at Breathing Code Conference (May 5th)

What is Breathing Code?

Breathing Code is a conference at the intersection of art, performance and computer programming.

Time & Place

The conference will take place in Frankfurt, Germany. It will start with an pre-event party on May 4, 2015. All conference sessions will happen on May 5, 2015.

What’s the conference about?

We aim to bring together a diverse set of presenters who all have one thing in common: They will change program code live on stage!

Be it that they show their approach on how they solve a particular problem and maybe showcase a specific set of tools while doing so.

This conference showcases diverse aspects of live programming. We want to explore what live coding means as an interface between humans and computers.

Smalltalk at Breathing Code: Live Data Analysis with Moose

Developers are data scientists. Or at least, they should be.

In this talk, I'll show live examples of how software engineering decisions can be made quickly and accurately by building custom analysis tools that enable browsing, visualizing or measuring code and data. All shown examples make use of the Moose analysis platform.

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[Job] Buenos Aires: Developer at JP Morgan

Job Description: Kapital Financial Developer - Associate, based in Buenos Aires.

JP Morgan is looking for Smalltalkers working on the Kapital project.

More information here

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Video about the brewing of the ifTrue:ifFalse Beer

Remember the great ifTrue: and ifFalse: Beer at ESUG in Annecy?

Here is a video where the brewer (Stéphanie Altermatt from Artmalté) explains how she produces her beer:

(video is in french...)

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Camp Smalltalk PDX

A group of Smalltalkers have been discussing the possibility of having a Camp Smalltalk in Portland Oregon, August 20-23. If you think you might be interested in attending such a gathering, please let us know filling our short survey:

We also encourage you to join the SCONA mailing list here

The proposed format is:

  • Thursday 20th evening prior: An informal welcoming dinner at a local pub or similar.
  • Friday 21st morning - Sunday 23rd afternoon: The event proper, consisting of a blend of scheduled talks or discussions and free-form pair programming.
  • Sunday 23rd evening - Farewell dinner.

The whole event is envisioned as being informal enough that showing up for only part of the time is perfectly acceptable.

Your responses will help us with our planning efforts. Feel free to forward this message to any other Smalltalk forums or individual Smalltalkers you think might be interested.


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