New Smalltalk book: Programming Smalltalk

A new book about Smalltalk will be released March 2015:

Programming Smalltalk - Object-Orientation from the Beginning: An introduction to the principles of programming by Johannes Brauer

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" A straightforward, step-by-step introduction to clear and elegant object-oriented programming. Using a language that's perfect for this kind of programming, the book has been tested in numerous courses and workshops over ten years.

Programming Smalltalk is particularly suited for readers with no prior programming knowledge. Starting from the first principles of programming, it teaches you how to use and create algorithms (reusable rules for problem-solving) and the basic building blocks of software. It goes on to explain how to develop complete applications and has a whole chapter on web applications as well as case studies.

Now translated into English, this edition was completely revised to be consistent with the latest version of Cincom® VisualWorks®, a professional Smalltalk environment. All examples were created using VisualWorks, which is available without cost for educational purposes, and can be downloaded and installed on any up-to-date computer. "

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