Accepted Papers

A Dynamic Graph Implementation in Smalltalk for Self-Reconfigurable Robots Simulation

S. Saidani and M. Piel

An Aspect-Based Multi-Agent System

R. Robbes, N. Bouraqadi, and S. Stinckwich

Classboxes: Controlling Visibility of Class Extensions

A. Bergel, S. Ducasse, O. Nierstrasz and R. Wuyts - Selected for the Journal

Components +Continuations = Seaside. A Multiple Control Flow Web Application Framework

S. Ducasse, A. Lienhard, and L. Renggli

Delving Source-Code with Formal Concept Analysis

K. Mens and T. Tourwe

Design, Implementation and Evaluation of the Resilient Smalltalk Embeded Platform

J.R. Andersen, L. Bak, S. Garup, K. V. Lund, T. Eskildsen, K. M. Hansen, and M. Torgersen Selected for the Journal

Language Support for Adaptive Object-Models using Metaclasses

R. Razavi, N. Bouraqadi, J. W. Yoder, J. F. Perrot, and R. Johnson

Prototalk: an Environment for Teaching, Understanding and Prototyping Object-Oriented Languages

A. Bergel, Ch. Dony, and S. Ducasse

Power Laws in Smalltalk

M. Marchesi, S. Pinna, N. Serra, and S. Tuveri

Parcels: A Fast and Feature-Rich Binary Deployment Technology

E. Miranda, D. Leibs, and R. Wuyts

Uniform and Safe Metaclass Composition

S. Ducasse, N. Schärli, and R. Wuyts