The Research Track will be held on Monday 6 September afternoon from 14:00 to 18:15. Each presentation will last 20min: 15min talk + 5min questions.

Session: Program Analyzis (14:00 -> 14:40)

Delving Source-Code with Formal Concept Analysis

K. Mens and T. Tourwé

Power Laws in Smalltalk

M. Marchesi, S. Pinna, N. Serra, and S. Tuveri

Session: AI and Robotics (14:45 -> 15:25)

A Dynamic Graph Implementation in Smalltalk for Self-Reconfigurable Robots Simulation

S. Saidani and M. Piel

An Aspect-Based Multi-Agent System

R. Robbes, N. Bouraqadi, and S. Stinckwich

Coffee-break (15:30 -> 15:45)

Session: Language Development (15:45 -> 16:25)

Design, Implementation and Evaluation of the Resilient Smalltalk Embeded Platform

J.R. Andersen, L. Bak, S. Garup, K. V. Lund, T. Eskildsen, K. M. Hansen, and M. Torgersen

Prototalk: an Environment for Teaching, Understanding and Prototyping Object-Oriented Languages

A. Bergel, Ch. Dony, and S. Ducasse

Session: Reflection and Meta-Level Programming (16:30 -> 17:10)

Language Support for Adaptive Object-Models using Metaclasses

R. Razavi, N. Bouraqadi, J. W. Yoder, J. F. Perrot, and R. Johnson

Uniform and Safe Metaclass Composition

S. Ducasse, N. Schärli, and R. Wuyts

Coffee-break (17:15 -> 17:30)

Session: Modules, Packaging, and Deployment (17:30 -> 18:10)

Classboxes: Controlling Visibility of Class Extensions

A. Bergel, S. Ducasse, O. Nierstrasz and R. Wuyts

Parcels: A Fast and Feature-Rich Binary Deployment Technology

E. Miranda, D. Leibs, and R. Wuyts