The house of Bach

The Bach-House- by Georg Heeg

Johann Sebastian Bach lived in Köthen from 1717 to 1723. He worked for Prince Leopold of Anhalt-Köthen and composed well-known music. But where did he live? This question has been open for 130+ years. The EU, the state of Anhalt-Saxony, Köthen County, and the City of Köthen sponsored a project to find out. Georg Heeg eK won the bidding and started the digging. After almost two years using VisualWorks, COM-Connect, GemStone/S and Seaside all known data (both text and tax figures) could be viewed in a semantic network. Bibliometry was used to evaluate statements of historians. Finally a process of elimination showed: Bach lived in Schalaunische Str. 44 until he moved to Wallstr. 25/26 in 1719. He always had the same landlord Johann Andreas Lautsch. In early phase existing software packages were evaluated, before agile software development process inside the agile research project was started to get insight in the history of Köthen.

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