2011 International Smalltalk Conference

Photos - and witty captions - by Francisco. Lots more photos, especially of Wednesday's social event, by Adriaan. Yet more from James Foster.

The 19th annual International Smalltalk Conference was in the heart of historic Edinburgh (in festival time!).
      Conference week: August 22 - August 26 2011         Camp Smalltalk weekend: August 20 - 21 2011

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Never been before? To get an idea, skim reports of past conferences, e.g Amsterdam, Lugano or Koethen. There are commercial advances and experience reports, academic research, open mic events, BoFs and tutorials.

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The first GUI framework was written in Smalltalk. Smalltalk pioneered high-performance garbage collection. Refactoring began in Smalltalk. So did eXtreme Programming - SUnit spawned JUnit, NUnit, etc. Smalltalk's Seaside and Aida are innovative web frameworks. Smalltalk inspired Ruby - and powers MagLev, the concurrent, persistent Ruby. We ship containers, route trains, find oil, etch wafers, value insurance (all kinds), heal networks, restore power, etc. And we do it on a huge scale. We make money in Smalltalk (literally). Above all, we have fun

The innovation hasn't stopped! Come to Edinburgh and see practical cutting-edge work in Smalltalk, that most dynamic of languages.