Cairo Graphics Kit

Chris Thorgrimsson


I’d like to present my work on the Cairo Graphics Kit (CGK) for Cincom VisualWorks and how we use the CGK within our own products at Lam Research. The GCK is a collection of packages that further enhance the CairoGraphics and Pango packages already provided by Cincom. It provides new views, widgets and wrappers that leverage the cairo and Pango bindings. The development effort started out of necessity for more advanced UI graphics while still staying within the VisualWorks IDE. The CGK is also a free bundle licensed under LGPL for use in VisualWorks 7.7 and above. Detailed information about the Cairo Graphics Kit can be found at


I’m an Senior Staff Software Engineer working for Lam Research Corporation. My primary work revolves around dealing with application development using VisualWorks and embedded development using a host of tools. Both the application and embedded development work revolve around machine control.





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