Cincom Smalltalk Roadmap 2011

Arden Thomas


An update on recent and future Smalltalk work at Cincom


Arden Thomas started using Smalltalk in 1986, when he was researching and exploring better ways to do software development. He found it!

Smalltalk and object-oriented were such a profoundly improved approach to software development, that he made a full endeavor into Smalltalk. Arden began used Smalltalk in his post-graduate work, thesis and projects, as well as building applications for factory floor control for IBM.

Arden has worked for Parcplace Systems, ParcPlace-Digitalk, and ObjectShare in a number of capacities including; developer, trainer, architect, consultant, and sales SE. Arden worked for a hedge fund, which ran hundreds of applications in VisualWorks 24/7 to provide traders with decision making information and tools. Arden Thomas is currently the product manager of Cincom Smalltalk. Arden has a blog titled ”Less is More” which is an interesting principle, as well as a reference to an attractive design philosophy of Smalltalk.