DBXTalk: Smalltalk Relational Database Suite

Mariano Martinez-Peck and Guillermo Polito


DBXTalk is a Smalltalk relational database suite of tools. It has been in development since 3 years already and it includes the following tools:

  • OpenDBXDriver: this is the database driver and it wraps the C library OpenDBX. This subset of DBXTalk was formerly known as SqueakDBX.
  • GlorpDBX: this is a port of VisualWorks Glorp plus some changes to make it work with different database drivers such us OpenDBXDriver.
  • DBXTalkDescriptions: it's a tool to generate classes from tables and tables from classes, based in Glorp types. Also to generate GlorpConfiguration from Magritte descriptions. And a UI to make it easy to use.
  • DBXPlus: it's a UI to visualize and browse databases without going out the image. You can execute sql query and review the results, browse into the defined tables and views, inspect the structure and the data stored.

Mariano and Guillermo will give an introduction to all those tools of the DBXTalk suite while showing real examples.


Mariano Martínez Peck is an argentinian System Engineer currently doing a PhD in France with RMOD-INRIA and Ecole Des Mines de Douai. He has been working with Smalltalk for 4 years, starting with the development of SqueakDBX. In the past, he had also worked in a financial company using Visual Age Smalltalk. Nowadays, he is a contributor to a couple of open-source projects like Pharo Smalltalk, DBXTalk Suite(OpenDBXDriver, GlorpDBX and OpenDBX), Fuel, Metacello, etc.

Guillermo Polito is an argentinian System Engineer currently working on the Software Industry and teaching programming in UNQ and UTN, where he has used Smalltalk to teach OOP for 4 years. He is a contributor in the Pharo Smalltalk project, and nowadays one of the main developers of the DBXTalk Suite.