Revitalizing Component Studio – a typical Smalltalk ERP system

by Georg Heeg


Georg Heeg AG purchased assets of CS Component Studio GmbH including the software and rights of CS Component Set. CS Component set is a toolbox of ERP components for small and mid-size companies. It has been developed over more than a decade and is in daily use in successful companies throughout Germany. The basic idea has been to have an ERP system which has many standard components for any business and is adaptable to specific needs of special businesses and individual companies. Georg Heeg AG plans to fully support existing customers and to bring the software to an up-to-date level and to implement new and innovative applications.


Georg Heeg learned Smalltalk in 1983 at Dortmund University. In 1987 he founded the first Smalltalk software house in Europe which he has been running since then doing close to 100% Smalltalk. Georg is Executive Director of STIC - Smalltalk Industry Council, a volunteer organization to promote Smalltalk.





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