Dale Henrich


The primary focus of GLASS 2.0 is to strengthen support for the "develop in Pharo, deploy in GemStone" paradigm used by most GLASS developers. GLASS 2.0 features the introduction of tODE a new Smalltalk development environment and support for VMware's Cloud Foundry.

Cloud Foundry is the world’s first open Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering. Cloud Foundry provides a platform for building, deploying, and running cloud apps, including support for MagLev and GemStone/S. GLASS 2.0 will provide support for deploying Seaside apps into the cloud.

tODE (the Object Development Environment) is written in Seaside and has been ported to Pharo and GemStone. tODE runs as a javascript client in the web-browser and leverages the hypertext model to provide a natural and powerful tool for manipulating and exploring objects in the Smalltalk image. tODE has mappings for all of the traditional Smalltalk tools (inspectors, browsers, debuggers) and some unique tools in support of multi-platform development.

In this talk Dale will give a demo of tODE and talk about the current and future plans for GLASS 2.0.


Dale has been working in Smalltalk since 1985 when he developed an internal application on the Tektronix 4404. The internal application was used at Tektronix for at least 20 years and may still be in use today! Since 1985 he has been lucky enough to work in Smalltalk nearly full-time, spending the last 15 years at GemStone give or take a couple of years.


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