On the web frontiers with Smalltalk

Janko Misvek


We are again on the frontier to the new era with the web technologies. As 5 years ago with Ajax we have now a trio HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript on the steep rise. Why right now? But we know all of three for 15 years, what's now different?

In this talk the current web technologies will be reviewed, together with the state of web support in Smalltalk and potential of innovative new approaches like Jtalk. With example of real-time web in Aida/Web. Concluding with the question, where to go with Smalltalk on the web front in the future?


As author of Aida/Web is Janko Mivšek following the web technologies for more than a decade, merging them with all the strengths of Smalltalk and object oriented approach in general, believing that Smalltalk has a lot of potential to show specially on the web.