Store Beyond Glorp - What's Next

Tom Robinson


Since the release of Cincom VisualWorks version 7.8, all of the Store source code management system and related tools have been migrated to use the Glorp object-relational mapping framework. The completion of this migration offers opportunities for the VisualWorks engineering team and for VisualWorks users but raises issues for both as well. Tom will discuss some of the new opportunities created by the migration, existing issues that the migration will help solve and new issues that the the migration has created or exposed.

Attendees will learn the following: How to use Glorp to query Store, for those occasional ad-hoc queries (or repairs or migrations) not (yet) provided by current tools Store improvements that can be expected from Cincom in the near future in the areas of functionality, speed and reliability How Glorp is likely to benefit from the Store-Glorp migration


Tom Robinson started learning Smalltalk/V in 1987. He got his first Smalltalk job working on a factory floor application in 1991. He has worked on manufacturing, insurance, banking and investment applications since then. For the past three years he has been working at Cincom as a Senior Software Engineer on the Cincom Smalltalk build process, weekly post build testing and Store. His office features a wood stove and has a view of 3,865 meter Hawk Peak in the Snowmass-Maroon Bells Wilderness of Colorado.