RedLine Smalltalk

Sean Allen (could not attend so James Ladd gave the talk)


Implementing Smalltalk on the JVM. A technical discussion of issues that were encountered and the solutions we arrived upon implementing a smalltalk ( Redline Smalltalk ) on the Java Virtual Machine. We intend to several issues including choosing between compiling directly to jvm bytecode vs java source, maintaining the dynamism of smalltalk on the jvm and variety of other topics that we have already encountered or will have encountered by the time ESUG 2011 rolls around.


Sean T. Allen is a currently employed at where he is a java programmer, he had previously worked using smalltalk using Pharo and GLASS as well as Ruby, Perl, C, and a variety of other languages. Smalltalk and Lisp have always been his loves and he hopes to bring Smalltalk to a wider audience through Redline Smalltalk.

Sean had to cancell at the last moment. His collaborator on the project, James Ladd, came in his stead and presented.