VA Smalltalk Update

John O'Keefe


A year has past since I showed the ESUG community the progress being made on the VA Smalltalk product. Our engineering team has been augmented by new members and we have all been hard at work to upgrade the product. I will have some exciting new capabilities to show as well as a preview of a new GUI framework for Unix.


I have been in software development for 45 years, with the first 25 years spent developing in everything from assembly language to PL/I and SNOBOL. I joined the original IBM Smalltalk prototype team in 1990 and was a founding member of the IBM VisualAge Smalltalk development team. I was Team Lead and Chief Architect of IBM VisualAge Smalltalk from 1997 to 2007. In Feburary 2007, I joined Instantiations to lead the VA Smalltalk development team. I am currently focusing on porting Seaside to VA Smalltalk and internationalization capabilities.