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DynaCASE modeling platform

Gestures and Multi-Touch events

GH Sound System

  • Submitter: Holger Guhl
  • Other Developers: Ralf Propach, Georg Heeg and others from the company team
  • Smalltalk Dialect: VisualWorks
  • Affiliation: Georg Heeg eK
  • Country: Germany
  • Download url:
  • Keywords: museum; exhibition; audio media presentation; Raspberry pi
  • Licence: commercial



  • Submitter: Andrei Chis
  • Other Developers: Aliaksei Syrel (a), Andrei Chis (a), Tudor Girba (b), Juraj Kubelka (c), Stefan Reichhart (d)
  • Smalltalk Dialect: Pharo
  • Affiliation: (a) University of Bern, (b), (c) University of Chile
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Download url:
  • Demo url:
  • Keywords: search, navigation, IDEs, integration
  • Licence: MIT

Live Robot Programming

  • Submitter: Johan Fabry
  • Other Developers: Miguel Campusano
  • Smalltalk Dialect: Pharo
  • Affiliation: Pleiad and RyCh labs, DCC, Universidad de Chile
  • Country: Chile
  • Download url:
  • Demo url:
  • Keywords: Live programming, robotics
  • Licence: MIT




  • Submitter: Dario Romano Trussardi
  • Smalltalk Dialect: Gemstone
  • Affiliation: freelance
  • Country: Italy
  • Keywords: Pharo Seaside Gemstone

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