1145-1230 GT

The Glamorous Toolkit: Towards a novel live IDE

The Glamorous Toolkit project aims to reinvent the IDE (http://gtoolkit.org). Over the last two years the team has produced four significant tools that are part of Pharo: Playground, Inspector, Spotter, Debugger. In this demo-driven talk we exemplify how these tools can change the development workflow, and we sketch the broader perspective and outlook of the project.

BIO: Tudor Gîrba (http://tudorgirba.com) founded feenk gmbh, a consulting and coaching company (http://feenk.com), and in partnership with Eliot Miranda helps companies adopt Pharo.

He leads the work on the Moose platform for software and data analysis (http://moosetechnology.org), he founded the Glamorous Toolkit project for rethinking the IDE (http://gtoolkit.org), and he is a board member of the Pharo live programming environment (http://pharo.org).

He authored the humane assessment method (http://humane-assessment.com) to help teams to rethink the way they manage large software systems and data sets. Tudor also argues that storytelling should be prominent in software development (http://demodriven.com).

In 2014, he won the prestigious Dahl-Nygaard Junior Prize (http://aito.org) for his work on modeling and visualization of evolution and interplay of large numbers of objects.