1400-1430 Spur

A tour on Spur for non-VM experts

Mon, August 22, 2:00pm – 2:30pm

Description Abstract: Spur is the new memory manager for the Cog virtual machine used by Pharo, Newspeak and Squeak. It features a two generation scavenger garbage collector with an adaptative tenuring policy, lazy become, (transparent) segmented memory, a new 64bit-compatible object-format, ephemerons, pinned objects, a class table, among others. If you're high-level application developer, or a programming amateur, but not a VM expert, but you're interested in understanding these concepts and what is their impact on your day to day development this talk is for you.

Bio: Guille Polito is research engineer at CNRS, France. Pharoer since 2010, he participates actively in the Pharo open source community since several years. He currently works on the modularization of Pharo where he does software archeology, refactoring, library rewriting and participates in the Virtual Machine development.