Mission Pharo Kernel

  • Thu, August 25, 10:00am – 10:30am
  • First Name: Guillermo
  • Last Name: Polito
  • Type: Talk

Abstract: The Pharo team and community have been working a lot lately to make Pharo a modular system. The mission: make Pharo a simpler system, easier to build and change. The tools: dependency analyses, refactorings, bootstrapping, modular package installation. The challenges: a circular system definition, spaghetti and legacy code, hidden dependencies. This talk presents the work around the Pharo Kernel, a minimal Pharo image that contains the necessary systems to boot and load your own packages. The Pharo Kernel is not only an image. It is also a new process to build an image. A new process to manage, validate and install packages in Pharo, to integrate issues, to build Pharo systems. In this talk you'll learn what you could expect from Pharo in the (not so far away) future.

Bio: Guille Polito is research engineer at CNRS, France. Pharoer since 2010, he participates actively in the Pharo open source community since several years. He currently works on the modularization of Pharo where he does software archeology, refactoring, library rewriting and participates in the Virtual Machine development.