The road to remote debugger

  • Thu, August 25, 11:00am – 11:30am
  • First Name: Denis
  • Last Name: Kudriashov
  • Type: Talk

Abstract: Debugger is a tool to lively explore system behaviour and analyze it failures. Smalltalk debugger implements unique features which makes this process much more effective: editing methods on fly, restarting method execution, inspecting variables, executing scripts, forking new debuggers and much more. But debuggers in smalltalk systems are only working on local environment. Smalltalk's still lack remote development tools. In this presentation I will show how smalltalk tools could be used transparently on remote environment. I will show problems and solutions to achieve this goals. I will demonstrate debugging remote Pharo images.

Bio: Denis Kudriashov is currently working as engineer in RMOD-INRIA team on project "remote development tools". He has been working with Smalltalk around 10 years. In the past he had also worked in Russian bank using Pharo Smalltalk and Java. Nowadays, he is maintainer to several open-source projects like Mocketry, Presenty, Seamless Ghost, etc.