Controlling Machines with Smalltalk on Raspberry PI

  • First Name: Georg
  • Last Name: Heeg
  • First Name: Karsten
  • Last Name: Kusche
  • Type: Talk

Abstract: In 2015 Georg Heeg eK presented an exhibition sound system at ESUG. Meanwhile they applied the same technology onto machine control. The first example is a service lift which was built in 1911 powered by a crank. The crank was to be replaced by an electric cable winch. The control was implemented in Smalltalk on a Raspberry pi. The main advantage of Smalltalk as control language is abstraction over standard PLC technology.

Bio: Georg Heeg uses Smalltalk since 1983. Four years later he founded Georg Heeg eK, a Smalltalk software house. He has not yet stopped using Smalltalk.

Bio: Karsten uses Smalltalk and VisualWorks since 12 years, working at Georg Heeg eK. He is one of the developers of seaBreeze, created the tools to find the Bach Haus in K├Âthen and also worked on Dakar Testing during his diploma thesis. In his spare time, he's an Objective-C developer writing useful little tools for Mac OS X. Notifications