OpenPonk modeling platform

  • Thu, August 25, 2:30pm – 3:00pm
  • First Name: Peter
  • Last Name: Uhnák
  • Type: Talk

Abstract: DynaCASE is a software and business modeling platform aimed at supporting many aspects involved in the process of software and business engineering, such as modeling, source code generation and model reengineering, validations, and more. One of our aims is to provide a platform that is not only easy to use, but also easy to extend by end-user-developers to support their specific domain needs. We will present the current state of the tool on a range of models: UML Class Diagrams in the context of Cormas — an agent-based simulation platform, OntoUML used for conceptual modeling, and BORM and DEMO for business and enterprise engineering.

Bio: I am a student at FIT CTU (Faculty of Information Technology at Czech Technical University), and also a member of CCMi (Centre for Conceputal Modelling and Implementations) — resarch group concerned with software and business modeling, ontological conceptualizations, and implementation. I am also the author/main developer of DynaCASE. Apart of DynaCASE I contribute to Roassal visualization library, Spec GUI framework, and Pharo itself.