Iceberg: bringing next generation source versioning to Pharo

  • Tue, August 23, 11:00am – 11:30am

Abstract: Monticello is a simple but powerful distributed versioning system that has been the default code versioning system for several flavors of Smalltalk for around 20 years. In the past decade, newer distributing versioning systems such as Git and Mercurial have become outrageously popular and, although Monticello still has lots of fans, there is an increasing consensus in the community about the convenience of taking advantage of those modern versioning systems. While there exist a few tools that allow to commit Smalltalk code into such code repositories (most frequently: git), none of them has reached the maturity to replace Monticello. In this talk I will present Iceberg, a git integration Pharo which is designed for Monticello-lovers that do not want to get immerse in the (sometimes needless) complexities of git, but at the same time tries to allow git-lovers to use the full power of the tool, getting rid of Monticello limitations. The final aim of Iceberg is to become the default repository for Pharo-core, allowing for smoother and faster integration of contributions, as well as better branch and version management.

Bio: Nicolás Passerini is currently an Software Engineer in RMOD group in INRIA. Before that he has been a teacher and researcher at the University of Quilmes, University of San Martín and Technological University, in Argentina. He has worked as software engineer for almost 20 years, in several languages and environments, and has a broad experience in tools and methodologies in fields such as software configuration management, continuous integration and continuous delivery.