Parallelism with OpenCL in Bee Smalltalk

  • Tue, August 23, 2:00pm – 2:30pm
  • First Name: Carlos
  • Last Name: Ferro
  • Email where you can always be reached:
  • Type: Talk

Abstract: OpenCL is an open, free standard for parallel programming consisting of an API, a cross-platform intermediate language and the specification of a computing environment. Besides graphical applications, it can be used to accelerate computations by means of GPUs. We have built an object model in Bee that uses OpenCL and allows us to run algorithms in parallel, regardless of the platform of the final user. We present a specific application for the PetroVR suite to compute Monte Carlo statistics indicators.

Bio: Carlos E. Ferro has worked as Senior Developer since 2005 in PetroVR, developing and maintaining a tool suite for business simulation and decision support in the Oil&Gas industry. He works there under Leandro Caniglia's leadership, and the team also develops the Bee Smalltalk platform. Previously, he was a Smalltalk developer for InfOil (information services for petroleum companies) and Superintendencia de Seguros de la Nación (Argentine national insurance oversight board). He has a degree in Computer Science at the University of Buenos Aires where he was teaching assistant for 8 years in several courses - mainly Object Oriented Programming with Professor Máximo Prieto. From 1991 to 2000 he also worked on his own as software developer for several small and medium-sized companies.