GemStone/64 product update and road map

  • Wed, August 24, 9:00am – 9:45am
  • First Name: Norm
  • Last Name: Green
  • Email where you can always be reached:
  • Type: Talk

Abstract: GemStone/64 product update and road map. A review of what's new in version 3.3 and a preview to what we're working on for version 3.4. This year, I will also start with a few slides describing what GemStone is and benefits of using it ("GemStone-101").

Bio: Norm Green started his career in 1989 at IBM in Toronto, Canada as a quality assurance engineer. In 1993, he moved to the DACS (Data Acquisition and Control System) team where he helped design and build site-wide data collection system in VisualWorks and GemStone/S Smallalk.

In 1996, he joined GemStone Systems as a Senior Consultant and traveled the world helping GemStone/S customers be successful. Currently, Norm lives near Portland, Oregon and holds the position of Chief Technical Officer at GemTalk Systems.