Getting more out of VisualWorks

  • Wed, August 24, 11:00am – 11:30am
  • First Name: Philippe
  • Last Name:Valenza
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  • Type: Talk
  • Speaker : Guillaume Larcheveque

Member of the R&D team of Synectique, Guillaume was previously part of the Rmod Team (INRIA) and focused on the data modelling and software quality within the Moose platform. His main contributions to Synectique analysis environment are dedicated visualisations and web developments. Guillaume is also involved in 2 open source projects : Artefact (Generation de PDF) and Telescope (dynamic data visualisations).

Abstract: Getting more out of VisualWorks. VisualWorks is an industrial strength development environment. It supports the development of advanced products acting often as key assets for client business. However, as with any successful products, such successful applications often suffer from the problems of large systems developed by multiple programmers over multi-year periods: code duplication, large class bases, architectural drift, dead code, lack of domain specific rule validation.

There is a definitive need for advanced tools supporting managers and project leaders but also programmers to:

  • get more accurate views on their systems (in terms of bugs, code weight, technical debt)
  • support to take decision
  • support to extract architectural.

Synectique Inventive Analysis is a dedicated tool suite to get more out of VisualWorks applications.

It offers:

  • advanced software metrics, customizable dashboard,
  • advanced maps (developer activities, developer responsibilities),
  • support for architecture extraction and migration,
  • domain specific rules,
  • domain extraction and a lot more.

Taking decisions with such advanced information allows one to take empowered decisions and prolongate the live of such large applications. Inventive Analysis lets its users to get more out of their large applications.

Bio: Synectique was founded in 2013 as a spin-off of INRIA, the French National Institute for Research Science. Each of the four founders, all long-term experts in the IT domain, has in-depth experiences in software development and particularly the requirements and challenges that come along with the maintenance and migration process. The company’s goal is to support software teams by providing highly specific tools that respond to the client’s analytical problem, also taking into account the client's domain and its specific constraints. Our clients neither have to perform lengthy manual analyses nor do they need to cope with off-the-shelf solutions. Our tools allow an automatic yet very customised analysis of your code base. You will gain detailed knowledge about your specific area of interest - and this will enable you to take accurate decisions for your future development efforts. "Inventive Analysis" is Synectique's flagship product, a comprehensive and sophisticated solution based on meta-models which are fully independent of the data that needs to be analysed. This approach enables it to understand, integrate and analyse any programming language and/or any related information. The Inventive Analysis tools provide rich and powerful interfaces to filter and manipulate data, predefined customisable tools and the opportunity to rapidly and easily create specific toolkits totally dedicated to your own problems and research. In short: Inventive Analysis make the maintenance process faster, easier and more efficient.