Tugrik: A new persistence option for Pharo

  • Wed, August 24, 2:00pm – 2:45pm
  • First Name: Dale
  • Last Name: Henrichs
  • Title: Tugrik: A new persistence option for Pharo
  • Type: Talk


Tugrik[1] is a new persistence framework for Pharo using GemStone/S 64[3] as the data base engine.

"GemStone/S 64 provides a distributed, server-based, multi-user, transactional Smalltalk runtime system, with the ability to partition the application between client and server"[4]

As of this writing, a proof of concept for Tugrik has been implemented using a MongoTalk-style[2] API. The proof of concept includes a Voyage[5] implementation for Tugrik.

While it is somewhat interesting for developers to use Tugrik to simply replace MongoDb in their Pharo applications, the work moving forward will focus on expanding the functionality of Tugrik beyond that of a simple document database, after all, GemStone/S is a fully functional Smalltalk implementation.

This talk will describe the proof of concept and discuss the current state of the project.


Dale Henrichs is a Principal Engineer at GemTalk Systems and has been working in Smalltalk since 1985. For the last decade Dale has focused on the development and support of open source projects for both GemTalk Systems and the Smalltalk community. His contributions to the Smalltalk community include Metacello, FileTree, and the GemStone port of Seaside.