Innovation Technology Awards 17th Edition

Have you written cool Smalltalk project you want to share? Developers of any Smalltalk-based software can enter by submitting a 3-5min video of their software.

Submission Deadline: Sunday August 14

Entrants demo their systems in a session at the end of Monday, August 22nd 2022, after which the conference attendees vote. A vote consists in providing a sorted list of 3 preferred pieces of software.

The top 3 teams with the most innovative software will receive, respectively, 500 Euros, 300 Euros and 200 Euros. The results are announced in the Awards ceremony that is held during the social event.

Submit now using the registration server. You should have already registered. The submission page can be reached through the following path:

  1. Click on the MY REGISTRATION menu (see Picture 1 below)
  2. Click on the Proposed Awards menu (see Picture 2 below)
  3. Click on the Add achor link (see Picture 3 below)
  4. A form is displayed (see Picture 4 below). Please provide all required information and hit the "Submit" button.