Online Smalltalk Videos

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Historical Videos

Misc Squeak/Smalltalk Videos

  • Squeak in Extremadura Google Video
  • Beyond VI -- Talk from euroko03 (Marcus Denker) Google Video
  • Bytecode-to-bytecode adaptive optimization for Smalltalk (Eliot Miranda) Google Video

Seaside Videos

Alan Kay

  • The Computer Revolution hasn't happend yet. Keynote OOPSLA 1997 (Alan Kay) google
  • Graphical User Interfaces (Alan Kay) google
  • Doing with Images Makes Symbols (Alan Kay) google
  • Education in the Digital Age (Alan Kay) google
  • What is Squeak? (Alan Kay) google
  • Squeak and Croquet Demo Etech03 (Alan Kay and David A. Smith) google
  • Croquet: A Collaboration Architecture (Alan Kay and David A. Smith) google
  • Alan Kay: Understanding powerful ideas, and how computers can help google

Dan Ingalls

  • Dan Ingalls: Seven (give or take) Smalltalk implementations google
  • Object-Oriented Programming (Dan Ingalls) google


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