Past Actions

In a time where we are bombarded with information some of you may not have noticed that ESUG is doing a lot to push Smalltalk in Europe and beyond. The following sums up the main actions ESUG performed in the past.

Seaside Hosting since 2006


ESUG wants support your projects. It can be project related to software development, teaching, conference presence, etc.


Each year, ESUG pays students to work on open-source Smalltalk projects during the SummerTalk program.


  • Free Smalltalk DVD

Book writing

Book spreading

ESUG sent a lot of free books in 2002:

  • Universities that received the packages:
  • Germany: Darmstadt, Munich, Berlin
  • Argentina: La Plata, Buenos Aires (3), Cordoba
  • Belgium: Brussels
  • France: Caen, Montpellier-II, Paris 8, Brest
  • Spain: Vigo, Castellon
  • Switzerland: St. Gallen
  • Algeria: Chlef, Blida
  • Argentina: Buenos Aires,
  • Brasil: San Pablo
  • Russia: Tver
  • India: Hyderabad, Uttar Pradesh
  • Chile: Santiago
  • Italy: Cagliari, Benevento
  • Czech Republic: Brno, Praha
  • Servia: Novi Sad
  • France: Douai
  • United Kingdom: Portsmouth, Plymouth
  • Belgium: Bruxelles
  • Germany: Elmshorn
  • China: Wuhan Hubei
  • United States: Santa Barbara
  • Universities that received the packages
  • Roumania: Timisoara, Cluj Napoca, Targovista


  • Sponsoring of the Russian Smalltalk Server
  • Booth at Conferences
  • Chaos club participation
  • Scanning old books
  • Teaching at Barcelona (Spain)
  • Teaching at Turino (Italy)
  • Teaching at Bledj (Romania)
  • Managing money for the Squeak foundation from 2004 to 2010

Sponsoring scientific articles

ESUG offers money for each international conference paper whose concepts involves an implementation in Smalltalk

  • 6 international conference papers in 2009
  • 8 international conference papers in 2008

Smalltalk articles in the Press

ESUG decided to offer money for each paper that gets published on Smalltalk.

  • 6 in 2006
  • 3 in 2007
  • 5 in 2008

Student volunteer program

Student volunteers help keep the conference running smoothly; in return, they have free accommodations, while still having most of the time to enjoy the conference.

  • 24 students got free access and hosting in 2010
  • 18 students got free access and hosting in 2009
  • 17 students got free access and hosting in 2008
  • 14 students got free access and hosting in 2007
  • 15 students got free access and hosting in 2006
  • 12 students got free access and hosting in 2005
  • A complete classroom of students of north acamedia got free access in 2004
  • 15 students got free access and hosting in 2004
  • 21 students got free access and hosting in 2003

Smalltalk 2009

ESUG sponsored the Smalltalks 2009 conference in Argentina.

  • 15 teachers got the travel/hosting to attend the conference
  • One invited talk sponsored