About Serbia

Serbia is one of the countries in the South-eastern Europe and the region known as Balkan.

About Novi Sad

Novi Sad is a city located in northern Serbia, in the Province of Vojvodina. Namely, Novi Sad is the capital of Vojvodina province and a large industrial and cultural centre. It lies on the banks of the Danube river, on its waterway Rhine–Main–Danube which connects nine countries and six capitals, as well as on the main raodway and railway route from the central Europe to south-eastern Europe.

Name of Novi Sad means "New Planting" (noun) in Serbian and is also known as Neoplanta (in Latin), Neusatz (in German), and Újvidék (in Hungarian). Novi Sad is a multicultural town where Serbian language is spoken by majority of citizens, while Hungarian, Slovakian, Rumanian and Ruthanian languages are also widely spoken and officially used according to the law among other unofficially used ones.

All information taken from the Novi Sad page on the Website of the Chair of Computer Science.

Novi Sad is widely known as a festival city with the EXIT festival, one of the largest European festivals and the Gradic fest, the street musicians festival, as our recomendation for this summer. Furthermore, in the year 2022 Novi Sad is the European Capital of Culture. For more attractions and events please check or general (tourist) Information.

Getting to Novi Sad

The most convinient way to travel to Novi Sad is currently by plane as the International Railway from central Europe is currently closed for reconstruction. However, all Railway routes through Belgrade are still accesible.

The closest airport to Novi Sad is Belgrade Airport (BEG), with numerous continental and some intercontinental flights. An allternative airport is Budapest, but also Timisoara, Osjek, Zagreb, or Wien with well established shuttle services to Novi Sad, as well as Nis and Kraljevo connected by public transport.

Once you are at the Belgrade airport, Novi Sad is only 70km away and for getting there you can

  • take a shared shuttle or a private limo service directly to Novi Sad or event to the door of the hotel, or
  • take a taxi to the Belgrade Center train station from which there is a fast/regional train operating to Novi Sad several times per day through a completely new railway operating from March 2022. The current promotional price of the one-way train ticket is around EUR 3.5. The ticket service is available online but only in Serbian so far (please select BEOGRAD CENTAR as a FROM station and NOVI SAD as a TO station). For taking taxi to the train station it is reccommended to:
    • buy a voucher at the departures area at the airport building to ensure the fix price of your taxi ride based on the target area in Belgrade.
    • preorder a limo or a taxi (e.g. taxi online or taxi to the airport) which may be a bit more expensive than based on vouchers but not as much as without any preorder.

Staying in Novi Sad

Here is a list of hotels that would allow you to easily reach the conference venue, with the walking distance.

There are also many Bed & Breakfasts and short let flats. Look for them on sites such as Booking.com or Airbnb.