Projects Submitted to the Innovation Technology Awards 20th Edition

List of participants in submission order. Winners will be displayed at the top.

Myg: Library, 2D Games, Graphics

Phausto - the sound within Pharo


Beagle Smalltalk

CodeParadise: framework for developing Smalltalk applications running in a JavaScript environment

Toplo: an UI framework on TOP of bLOc

  • Submitted by:
    • Alain Plantec, UBO Lab-STICC, France
    • Pierre Laborde, Thales DMS, France
    • Eric Le Pors, Thales DMS, France
    • Brendan Landais, Thales DMS, France
    • Louise Plantec, Thales DMS, France
    • Yann Le Goff, UBO Lab-STICC, Thales DMS, France
    • Martin Tinchodias, INRIA Lille, Argentina
    • Pablo Tesone, INRIA Lille, France
    • Stéphane Ducasse, INRIA Lille, France
  • More Info:

Inspecting Objects / Real-time round-trip GT views for industrial web-development

  • Submitted by:
    • Kyla Kaplan (USI/Lifeware),
    • Andrei Chis (GT),
    • Vincent Blondeau (Lifeware),
    • Michele Lanza (USI)
  • More Info: Proprietary code of Here is video demo

Woden VR

  • Submitted by: Ronie Salgado, Desromech EIRL, Chile
  • More Info:

Microdown the next language of Pillar

  • Submitted by: Stephane Ducasse & Kasper Osterbye

Webside, IDE, AI

  • Submitted by: Guille Amaral, Quorum Software, Argentina
  • More Info:

WebST: Web Components with Smalltalk

Mutalk: mutation testing

MooseBrain: generating better comment using Moose and LLM

  • Submitted by: Nicolas Hlad, Berger-Levrault, France

Dundi Model in Cormas Pharo

  • Submitted by:
    • François Vendel, CIRAD, UMR SENS, Dundi Ferlo, PPZS, ISRA CNRF, Senegal
    • Oleksandr Zaitsev, CIRAD, UMR SENS, France
    • Pierre Bommel, CIRAD, UMR SENS, France
  • Keywords: natural resource management, agent-based modelling, senegal, participatory modelling
  • More Info: