Previous actions

Please note: this is a description of a past ESUG promotion action. All books have been given out, the "Free Books for Academy" has been discontinued.

Smalltalk is a pure object-oriented language that is mostly written in itself. It has good pedagogical properties. It is used at the open university for teaching OO. Have a look at the list of selected universities below.

For this purpose we propose two packages:

  • Teacher Excellence Package : a package containing a relevant selection of Smalltalk books at all levels of expertise plus 30 CD's containing all the free or non-commercial Smalltalks (Squeak, VisualWorks, Gnu Smalltalk, Dolphin, Smalltalk/X, Smalltalk/MT) / plus all the freely available books / a ready-to-use lecture (400 slides / 100 pages of exercises)
  • Teacher Immersion Package : we offer you to have the possibility to get an intensive lecture for any number of students over 3 or 4 days. The Teacher Immersion Package includes the Teacher Starter Package.

Admissibility conditions.

There no limit of country location (within Europe) to obtain the packages. The only criteria will be your willingness to learn and/or teach Smalltalk. You should write to ESUG a small description (max a page) describing your situation (include any criteria you find relevant) and what your plans are to promote Smalltalk. The package will be given to the local library of the university of the person who contacted us, but with the legal obligation not to do any business such as reselling the books to other party. Please include the library address with your announcement.

Smalltalk Books

Here is the list of the books we will offer to you

  • Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns
  • Squeak: Object-Oriented Design with Multimedia Applications
  • Squeak: Open Personal Computing and Multimedia
  • Squeak: A Quick Trip to ObjectLand
  • Smalltalk Design Patterns Companion
  • Smalltalk with Style
  • On to Smalltalk
  • Art and Science of Smalltalk
  • Smalltalk, Objects, and Design
  • Dolphin Smalltalk Companion
  • Squeak by Xavier Briffault (French)

Here is the list of the Universities that received the teacher packages. Note that SmallWiki offuscates email addresses so we do not need to use tricks for email address encodings.


Département d'Électronique - Université de Blida

  • Contact Information: Cherfa Yazid

Faculté des Sciences et des Sciences de l’Ingénieur – Université Hassiba Ben Bouali de Chlef

  • Contact Information: Mohamed Benarous


Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Buenos Aires)

LIFIA - Facultad de Informática de Universidad Nacional de La Plata

Colegio Schonthal (Buenos Aires)

University of Buenos Aires

Facultad Regional de Villa Maria - Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Smalltalking (Buenos Aires)


Vrije Universiteit Brussels

Université Libre de Bruxelles


Instituto de Cinecias Matematicas e de Computacao - Universidade de Sao Paulo


Departamento de Ciencias de la Computación - Universidad de Chile


Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Wuhan Hubei)

The State Key Laboratory of Software Engineering - Wuhan Technology University

Czech Republic

Brno University of Technology

Department of Information Engineering - Czech University of Agriculture in Prague

Faculty of Electrical Engineering - Czech Technical University (Prague)


IUT de Caen - Université de Caen

Université de Montpellier-II

Université de Paris 8

École des Mines de Douai

Université de Bretagne Occidentale


Computer Science Department - Darmstadt University of Technology

University of Munich

FH Nordakademie - Fachbereich Informatik

UDK (Berlin)


Department of Computer Science & Engineering - Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University

  • Contact Information: Chandra Sekharaiah Kanagaluru chandra_sekharaiah
  • Website:

Department of Computer Science - Aligarh Muslim University


Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica e Elettronica -Universitá di Cagliari


Faculty for Automation and Computer Science and Engineering Department of Computers - Politehnica University (Timisoara)

Universitatea Tehnica Cluj-Napoca

Valahia University


Tver State University

Serbia & Montenegro

Department of Mathematics and Informatics - University of Novi Sad


Faculty of Electrical Egnineering and Information Technology - Slovak University of Technology


Escuela Técnica de Informática de Gestión - Universidad de Vigo

University Jaume I (Castellón)


University of Berne

Universitaet St. Gallen

United Kingdom

Department of Creative Techonologies - University of Portsmouth

School of Computing - University of Plymouth

United States

University of California